Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry (IPO) is a leading research and development center of more than 60-year- long tradition. It carries out research concerning national defence, state services, chemical and manufacturing process safety as well as work for the agriculture including: production technology for plant protection agents, elaboration of effective and safe application of plant protection agents in arviculture and pomiculture. IPO elaborates and implements preparations for insect control in animal farming and sanitary hygiene, auxiliary products for pharmacy, household chemistry, paper and tanning industry.

More than 300 production technologies have been elaborated and implemented concerning arviculture, pomiculture, animal farming and sanitary hygiene. The research results in new plant protection agents for pathogen and pest control, and weed killing.

IPO performs toxicological and Ecotoxicology investigations (including apitotoxicological investigations) of chemical substances, indispensable for health hazard assessment of people exposed to contact with dangerous chemical substances. IPO is a GLP certificates holder in this domain of study.

IPO is one of a few European producers of certified analytical standards of pesticides, their metabolites, nitro compounds, chlorophenols, antioxidants, and food preserving agents. IPO elaborates and implements production technologies of high-energy materials including explosives, solid rocket fuels, pyrotechnic masses, and powders. IPO is competent in evaluation of safety hazards of manufactured explosives. IPO performs investigations concerning transport safety of dangerous materials. We issue classifying attestations according to RID and ADR regulations. IPO participates in works of UN Expert Committee for transport of dangerous materials and European Expert Committees concerning RID and ADR regulations affiliated at UN Transport Committee.

IPO implements and abides regulations concerning ban on research, production, storage, and use of chemical weapon as well as its destruction. A unique specialization in IPO is research in the area of evaluation of static electricity hazards and protection against static electricity.

IPO participates in works to elaborate national and international guides and standards in the field of electrostatics. As the only research and development centre in Poland IPO carries out complex investigations in range of chemical safety. Laboratory of Dangerous Properties of Materials functioning in the Institute possess the implemented Quality Management System confirmed by the Polish Center for Testing in a wide range at fields: chemical safety, technical explosives, powders, rocket propellants, electrostatic hazards.

6 Annopol St. 03-236 Warsaw, Poland 
tel. 48 22 88 41 200
fax 48 22 811 07 99
e-mail: ipo@ipo.lukasiewicz.gov.pl