Removal of hazards caused by appearance of static electricity in different areas:

  • predicting
  • identification
  • evaluation

Research of anti - electrostatic properties of materials and products according to accredited procedures, e.g.:

  • laboratory researches for certification purposes
  • monitoring researches under operating conditions

Static electricity protection systems designing and application, e.g.:

  • materials modification
  • electrostatic charge neutralizers

Expertises (evaluation, opinions, consultations):

  • establishing accident and failure reasons
  • prevention

Standard documents and legislation:

  • regulations
  • standards
  • directives
  • instructions


  • lectures
  • training
  • courses

Our Laboratory is accredited (certificate Nr AB 374) to test antielectrostatic materials like:
protective clothes, personal protective equipment, construction materials also floors;
for producers, traders and certification authorities.


Chemical Safety and Static Electricity Dept.
Static Electricity Lab
Małgorzata Wróblewska MSc.
+48 22 811 12 31 ext. 373