Testing of explosives

  • Testing of brisant explosives;
  • Testing of explosives properties of substances;
  • Testing of ammonium nitrate based fertilizers;
  • Testing of effects of explosion reducing devices and constructions;
  • Testing of gas detonation and explosions of fuel-air mixtures;
  • Testing of blast waves and their influence on constructional parts;
  • Testing, in respect of safety: airbags, gas generators and car seat belts equipped
  • with pyrotechnic pretensioners;
  • Testing of ballistic properties of solid rocket propellants;
  • Pyrostatical tests of gun powders.

Chemistry and technology of explosives

  • Synthesis of brisant explosives in a laboratory scale;
  • Elaborating rules of technology of new applied forms of explosives  and pyrotechnic explosives;
  • Experimental production of modifiers and supplements to solid rocket propellants, and pyrotechnical goods.

Research Works

  • Research, development and implementation of new technologies in areas of high energetic materials (explosives, pyrotechnics, propellants), chemical safety, state security and national defence.


Head of the Department
Rafał Bogusz, Ph.D,
+48 22 811 12 31 w. 255