Technology and Biotechnology Research Group (BT)

BT sections work in the field of chemistry, technology and biological assessment of plant protection products and biocides. We put our efforts to discover new compounds with potential activity in plant protection products. The work is focused on the synthesis of organic intermediates and special chemicals. We perform:
- syntheses of different chemical compounds for request
- pheromone dispensers for selected insects.

The research teams of the BT plant are presented below

BT1, Chemical Synthesis Section
BT2, Large Scale Syntheses Section
BT3, Biotechnological Processes Section
BT4, Biological Evaluation Section
Most important scientific papers

Contact persons:

Head of BT 
PhD Oktawian Makowski
phone: +48 22 88 41 353

Deputy  Head 
M. Sc. Bogumiła Huras
phone: +48 22 88 41 254

Sylwia Porębska
phone: +48 22 88 41 227