Analytical Research Laboratory

Analytical studies

  •  Quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic compounds.
  • Determination of residual organic solvents by headspace technique.
  • Determination of water content using the KF technique.
  • Determination of sulphated ash.
  • Five batch study of technical products.
  • Determination of the content of active substances and relevant impurities in preparations
  • Residue analyses in various matrices (plant, water).
  • Development and validation of analytical methods.
  • Expertise in the area of analysis of chemicals related to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Analytical standards

Production of certified reference materials for pesticide’s industry, toxicology, forensic, environment protection and food analysis laboratories, for legalization, equipment calibration, as well as for validation of research methods.


  • PCBC and IQNet (Certificates of Quality System No. J-753/11/2021 in the following scope of activities: manufacturing of analytical standards of organic compounds in neat form or in solutions).
  • Bureau for Chemical Substances and Preparation (Statement of GLP Compliance No. 4/2020/GLP in the fields of physicochemical studies, residue studies ).

Anna Kiełczewska, MSc
Head of Analytical Research Laboratory
Tel. +48 22 88 41 295