General information

The Library of the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry is a specialist information center which provides library services and professional assistance to the researchers of the Institute. Its statutory goals are: accumulating, cataloguing and making available the material in stock and maintaining the collections.

In more than 60 years of its history, the Library acquired an extensive collection of world literature, both journals and books. The subject area, which corresponds to the Institute’s fields of research, covers: organic chemistry (synthesis and analysis), toxicology, crop protection, energetic or dangerous materials, etc.

Thanks to the Institute's increasing investment in modern infrastructure, the researchers have also access to the main specialist publications on-line directly from theirs laboratories.

At present, the Library has in stock about 30 000 vol. of journals and books and a collection of more than 24 000 specialist items (Standards: Polish, European and International and the Institute’s reports). The Library subscribes access to e-journals published by Wiley, RSC and ACS.

The collections are available for all interested private individuals and institutions, as well as for domestic and foreign libraries by means of interlibrary loan services. 

Location at: ul. Annopol 6, 03-236 Warszawa
phone: +48 22 811 12 31 ext. 325