Certyfikat Nr 12/2018/DPL

Toxicological studies in compliance with the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP):
- Statement of GLP compliance No 11/2018/GLP.




Acute oral toxicity – fixed dose methods

OECD No 420/EU B.1.BIS

Acute intraperitoneal/ subcutaneous/ intravascular toxicity

OECD No 420/EU B.1.BIS

Acute oral toxicity – acute toxic class method


Acute dermal toxicity

OECD No 402/EU B.3

In vitro skin corrosion: transcutaneous electrical resistance test (TER)

OECD No 430

In vitro eye corrosion: isolated chicken eye test (ICE)

OECD No 438

Acute skin irritation/ corrosion

OECD No 404/EU B.4

Acute eye irritation/ corrosion

OECD No 405/EU B.5

Skin sensitization

OECD No 406/EU B.6

Repeated dose 28-day oral toxicity in rodents

OECD No 407/EU B.7

Repeated dose 28-day intraperitoneal/ subcutaneous toxicity in rodents                                                              

OECD No 407/EU B.7

Repeated dose dermal toxicity: 21/28 day study

OECD No 410/EU B.9

Repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity in rodents

OECD No 408/EU B.26

Subchronic dermal toxicity: 90-day study

OECD No 411/EU B.28

Chronic toxicity studies

OECD No 452/EU B.30

Carcinogenicity studies

OECD No 451/EU B.32

Combined chronic toxicity/ carcinogenicity studies

OECD No 453/EU B.33

Prenatal developmental toxicity study

OECD No 414/EU B.31

Reproduction/ developmental toxicity screening test

OECD No 421

One-generation reproduction toxicity study

OECD No 415/EU B.34

Two-generation reproduction toxicity study

OECD No 416/EU B.35

Neurotoxicity study in rodents

OECD No 424/EU B.43

Local tolerance test

OECD No 404, CPMP/SWP/2145/00, ISO 10993-10


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